Yvette Cantu Schneider on “Pray Away” and the Ex-Gay Movement

August 17, 2021

Netflix recently released the documentary "Pray Away," the story of the religious belief that it's possible or desirable to "convert" LGBTQ people to heterosexuality. The story is told by the former leaders of that movement, who have since spoken out against ex-gay ministry and churches that still fail to affirm the gender and sexual orientation of their members.

One of those former leaders featured in the film is Yvette Cantu Schneider, who rose to lead women's ministry at Exodus International, the large umbrella organization of the ex-gay movement in the United States. Since leaving Exodus over a decade ago, before it was shuttered in 2013, Yvette has worked with GLAAD and other organizations to push for more affirming churches.

Conor and Yvette discuss her path from being out and proud and not religious into being a leader of the Christian ex-gay movement, tactics her organization and others used to control people, the physical toll of anxiety and PTSD from leading an inauthentic life,  the media that gave endless airtime to ex-gay groups, why it's actually the churches that need to change, and so much more.

Please watch Pray Away, now streaming on Netflix.

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Additional Resources - Please have a look, especially if you or anybody you know attends a church that tells you it's wrong to be yourself: 

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