Melissa Williams on Food Trucks and Feed the Camel

June 29, 2021

Summer in Reno means events, and some of the most consistent and well-attended events in town are food truck nights at local parks. This week, Conor is joined by Melissa Williams, the owner of Feed the Camel, a Wednesday night food truck event at the McKinley Arts Center currently operating in their 8th year.

Melissa and Conor talk about the early days of Reno's food truck scene and the origins of our food truck events, what makes a food truck succeed or fail, the teamwork and cooperation required for food truck events, the differences in running food trucks vs. brick and mortar restaurants, the challenges of adapting from a pandemic year to a busy year, and so much more!

Feed the Camel is held every Wednesday at the McKinley Arts Center starting at 5:00. Follow them on social media for the weekly lineup of food trucks!

Thank you for listening!

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