Eric Henry Andersen on Local Music

August 31, 2021

Eric Henry Andersen is one of the most active, hardworking musicians in Reno. You may know him from the popular local band The Novelists, last year's Artown music video "Heartbeat to Heartbeat, Eye to Eye (From Reno with Love)" or from his work as a solo artist playing shows both on tour and here in town. He's also a recent appointee to the Reno Arts and Culture Commission. 

On this week's episode, Eric and Conor talk about what led Eric to a career as a musician, finding the balance between improving instrument skills and writing new music, working collaboratively with a band vs. working more independently, creating the Heartbeat to Heartbeat music video during a pandemic, monetizing creative work through Patreon or other patron-supported models, Burning Man's influence on Reno's arts culture,  Reno music venues and what's missing from that landscape, and so much more!

You can find Eric's music and upcoming appearances on his website at and check him out on music streaming services. 

Thanks for listening!

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