Alex and Broden McClelland on Golden Owl Bookshop and Reading

September 14, 2021

After reading in school about a double decker bus in London being converted into a mobile book shop, 11-year-old Broden McClelland loved the idea and suggested to his parents that they do something similar here in Reno. The Golden Owl Bookshop was born, and has become a staple at the Riverside and Sparks United Methodist farmers markets, Sprouts Farmers Market in Sparks, and various other locations around town.

On this episode of Renoites, Broden and his mom Alex join Conor to talk about the creation of their mobile bookstore, but as often happens on this show, the conversation didn't stop there. Topics on this episode include the mental health and attention span benefits of readings, why we are drawn to particular genres, what goes into curating the selection for a small book store, home schooling during covid, the effects of social media on young people, alternatives to Amazon/Audible/Goodreads for buying and listening to books or tracking our reading lists, and so much more.

Huge thanks to Alex and Broden for coming on the show and for bringing a super cool mobile bookshop to Reno! You can find their schedule posted weekly on their website at 

Thank you for listening!

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